Monday, 15 July 2013

Tools for Enterprise Big Data, July 2013

Here is a list of tools and services I think is important to share that aren't on-premise, but instead harness the power of cloud computing:

Data Warehouse

Amazon RedShift- RedShift is a new service of Amazon's, built on the ParAccel stack, to help you build and scale your enterprise data warehouse (EDW) as quickly as possible, and touts a price of $1k/TB
Actian - An integrated solution that lets you store all sorts of information, and create triggers based on external data (including social media) to respond quickly to events
Treasure Data - Hadoop-based EDW
Teradata - Offers Hadoop and non-Hadoop EDW services

It should be noted that Hadoop isn't necessarily a better EDW. A great explanation of the differences can be found on the Teradata website

BI Tools